"I'd never heard the term 'Interdome' before..."

So in the past week two separate people who I do not know online mentioned that they stumbled across my blog. By this I mean they are people whom I do not email or communicate with in any Interdome-y way but only in so-called "real" life.

They are my cousin twice-removed Gerald and Port 41 (a Hell's Kitchen dive bar) regular Tom. I don't know Tom's last name, but Gerald has a web site that is pretty cool, so here is a link, get some 3-D glasses first though.

I really appreciated the fact that somebody is actually stumbling across this who I did not force to look at it. It makes me feel that I'm not just shouting into a vacuum. And although I recently installed a hit-meter (underneath my picture at the bottom in red) that gives a cool bunch of stats about who visits, I know now that at least two of them actually sought me out.

I also appreciated that Tom put "Welcome to the Terrordome" by Public Enemy on the jukebox for me. I always wonder how many people get the reference, or the other clever references to popular song lyrics hidden throughout my blog. (Find them all!) He had to spend a whole dollar to download the track! Yes, the Interdome is even inside dive bar jukeboxes these days. Repent

The flip side of this is that they both found me by Googling me. I've posted before on my Google/Internet existence, which although it has changed (and perhaps diminished a bit) since I first made that guided tour, it still has me keeping a good claim on my name, Interdome-wise. But I never really thought that other people would Google me. I just thought of it as sort of a cool vanity thing. Now I feel like I really need to defend my internet corpus. I don't want that Lawyer Adam Rothstein or the College Football Player Adam Rothstein being my identity. I'm me, dammit!

Well, we'll see what we can do about this. I've been wanting to at least expand Welcome to the Interdome for a while, adding some new components and areas. But to do that I would need some web design skills, of which I really don't have much. My skills are more in witty remarks and annoying, sardonic points of view. You can't really build that into much, only tear other people down. But I'm not giving up yet. Criticism forever

ps. If you read my blog at all, and you have a web site or a blog yourself that is interesting, you should make me aware of it. The Interdome may be endless, but there is a lot out there that I wouldn't like to look at as much as look at you.

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