Poetic Pentameter Response

So here I was, trying to write a poem, and thinking about iambic pentameter, and listening to one of my current obsessions, the album In a Roman Mood by Human Sexual Response.

All of sudden, I realized that the song that was playing, aptly titled, "12345678910" was in iambic pentameter! I wish that there was a way that I could provide the song for you to listen to, because the opening beat (before the time change) is definitely emphasizing the iambs, almost as if the band knew what they were doing!!!

Here is the first verse, for your diagramming pleasure:

We're here at last
Just you and me alone
We just got back
And no one else is at home
Your eyes are glazed
As if you're in a trance
I read your mind
It only takes a glance
Now turn me on
And I'll respond to you
Like an animal
But that's not really true
If humans could leave
Well enough alone
Then a moan would mean
The scene we've always known

After that it moves to a bridge of iambs in triameter, then quadrameter (are those the right terms? it's been a while since my lit. analysis class), then back to pentameter for the second verse. The song closes with the screamed words of counting out the songs title, still in iambic pentameter. You really should seek out this song, because it is excellent, despite its poetic structure. If someone can inform me of an easy way to host a single mp3 on the blog, let me know and I will addend the file.

Anyway, a music and text geek like myself found this coincidence worthy enough to recount to you fine people. Sorry for taking your precious time. I should probably go back to writing. It has been a while, what with finishing my degree most of my creativity has been sucked dry--at least for anything more demanding that a blog post. But soon... oh, so soon... maybe I will even assault you with some of my material. Verbal assaults are my forte.

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