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Since the sailors were released from Iran, it seems that the pressure is off on the next series of the blog post re: Iran and American foreign policy. Not that it isn't very much still relevant, but it doesn't look like we will find an excuse to invade Iran this week. Also, the very limited pressure the British put on Iran shows what mood the US' allies are in for a new war, so I don't think the neo-cons are going to be able to put the pressure on, at least until the next incident. This also might mean that the next incident will have to be stepped up in severity. But I'll cover all that in detail in the post.

Actually, I'm pretty busy at work for once, so I don't have time for the post anyway. I'll just say this for now; there should be more music written about science-fiction themes that is not prog rock. Not that there is anything entirely wrong with prog rock. I like it, but it isn't that appealing to most people. However, I'm listening to a post-punk band called Cortex right now that has some surprisingly poppy songs about futuristic armies and paranoia that are a joy, and I think a lot of people might be able to get into. It might take the edge off the more fantastical prog too, and bring it back home to the short and sweet, like a good Grand Master short story (which is not unlike a catchy pop song). Pop songs need better lyrics anyhow. How many times can you sing about love and partying? Well, quite a few, apparently.

But let us not go the way of Panic! at the Disco, for goodness sakes, no. Apparently, many of their lyrics and song titles are stolen from various "hip" literature sources. Palahniuk, for one. And I've already posted about what I think of that, regardless of the horrible hipsterism that PatD represents, or attempts to represent. Uggh.

coming soon: the death of hipsterism!

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