Google Darfur

If you haven't heard about the Darfur layers for Google Earth that was released in conjunction with the Holocaust Memorial Museum, then now you have.

Layers are the things that pop up all the information linked to little icons on the map, so if you turn all of them on you can see Benny's Gas Station in Omaha, and other wonderful places of interest. Darfur is just much more pertinent.

I'm always a fan of information provided in a readily accessible format. Far too often pertinent news is buried amongst crap. This is not only info that is easy to see, and very important, but it is also current. (The Holocaust Museum also has an overlay of the Holocaust itself, which is similar in interest and importance but obviously not as current.)

So if you are a Google Earther you should check this out, and if you are not, then first you should check out Google Earth, and then check out the Darfur layers.

I think what stood out to me most was how big the area is, and how widespread the destruction is. Also, how the displaced persons camps are completely surrounded by sites of attack and devastation, so there is literally no place to go for these people.

But check it out for yourself.

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