Love is a Fist

Sometimes I worry that I am too negative of a person. You might have noticed yourself that a large number of my posts tend to sound a bit angry when read. Obviously, obsessive negativity is something to worry about.

But I don't think that this is really my personality. I get excited about as many things as those that make me angry. I think that I am really just a very emotional, expressive person that expresses in words rather than actions. Although everyone might not agree, I think that this is better than many alternatives.

That said, and thusly my concern about my negativity duly noted, I want to briefly mention something.

I take a lot of concern for my species. I see a lot of things going badly for us all, and it deeply bothers me. And one trait of this general "going badly", and one that angers me to no end, is that I find regularly and indiscriminately tied to the fact of this species travails is an incipient sense of entitlement exhibited by its members. Of course, I live in the epicenter of this epidemic, known as New York, but it is everywhere, regardless of location.

What is this all about? What makes people think of themselves as individuals, and expect the world to align according to each's desires? Its one thing to be greedy, and to not be altruistic all the time. But its another thing to do so with the attitude that such behavior is justified. What assholes we all are!

And this is why I sound angry. I think anger is one of the most successful tactics for interrupting this unceasing sense of entitlement. It introjects itself into the very logic of justification, and destroys it on an emotional level, by nothing other than its own justification of anger as a reactive emotion.

I hope it works. There are a lot of people in the world treating other people like shit and acting like its ok. I hope somebody slaps these jerks in the face, and wakes them up. Maybe it will be me, but I doubt it. I only write on a blog.

ps. The happy thought I will balance this post with is Mr. Bungle, the avant-garde band from which I stole this post's title. They are the shit! Listen to them, and get mad! Yay!

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