"We have such sights to show you..."

It's funny that alot of people from my Grinnell year seem to be entering grad school in the fall. It's mostly funny because I am just about to get out of that hellshit. They are all talking about "finally finishing their education" and having to "remember how to think again" etc. Ha! Enjoy it, suckers! I'm about to begin my real education, and starting forgetting everything! Not because I'm lazy, but because there is little point, except to compete with jerks for Master of Jerk Arts. Been there, done that (almost, just a few weeks more). I will lord my jerkiness over you in all applicable aspects.

No, but really: I think it is funny because I'm going to start seeing alot of plan posts about how "everyone in my program sucks" and "this sucks alot more than I thought it would" and "why am I doing this?!?!?" just like my plan has been for the past two years. Ya'll just thought Im a pessimist with a bad additude. Nope. You'll see. Don't say I didn't warn ya. It's like you see some haggard ape-man hobbling out of a labyrinth with a broken arm and you say, "Oh! a maze! I love these things!" and hop right into it.

It's just like Hellraiser, really. You had experienced all the world had to offer. It's pains, its pleasures. But you had to have more, didn't you? And that's how wound up across a cafe table in the Orient with an unsavory looking character leering at your sweaty, western face. "What is your pleasure sir?" And you took the box. Next thing you know, you're back at your bungalow, hooks are tearing into your flesh as the Cenobites arrive. "Don't cry... its a waste of good suffering!"

...just don't tell the Cenobites that I escaped them.... I... I can't go back there....

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