Internet Breadcrumbs

Soooo... I'm trying out this new Firefox extension called Trailfire. The way it work, I think, is that you leave notes on websites that you can link to in a "trail". I like trails. Reminds me of pathways. Pathways remind me of children's stories. Those remind me of sleepytime. That reminds me of sleeping. Sleeping reminds me of happy. Happy reminds me of crying...

So sometimes pathways don't lead anywhere, or only to bad places. But here is a pathway that leads you hopping, skipping, and jumping across the cold, dark, deadly waters of the internet. It's a guided tour... of me. Yep. Rather than just having you Google my name, I can lead you through it. We'll see if it works.

It's just a practice, and not very interesting, it's just pretty much every interesting searchable mention of my name online.

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