Adam Hates the World Yet Again Today

People keep tapping me on the shoulder and saying, "here, your jacket was on the ground." Goddammit, I know it was on the ground! I threw it there! It annoys me to have a bulky jacket on the back of my chair, so I put it on the ground next to my backpack so I can sit. The other day in the bar 6 people in the span of 5 minutes picked up my jacket and handed it to me, and then I threw it back on the floor. They all act like they are doing me such a favor too, like they made my day by saving my dingy thrift store jacket from "the floor". Jerks. Next time I get a tap on the shoulder and turn around in my chair to see someone holding my coat, I'm going to start screaming, "Hey! Why are you trying to steal my jacket! That's my good jacket! Give me back my jacket!"

Jacket is a stupid word, by the way.

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