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I might have mentioned Pandora before, I can't recall. Anyway, another shoutout, because it is really a wonderful concept. The user rates songs and then based upon "genetic attributes" of the song and artist, the Flash program plays similar music in streaming format, creating one's own personal internet radio station. Despite my issues with genetic theory (haha) it is a great way for getting a taste of music one might like but has never heard.

Since my iPod died yesterday, internet radio has been displacing silence at work for me. Listening to Pandora today, I heard a Robert Palmer song on my Pandora station, I Hate the World in the 80s Radio. Now, Robert Palmer probably didn't hate the world in the 80s, nor does his music make one want to hate the world in any decade, nor support the hating of the world. It might make you want to wear a suit with big labels, start an all-model rock band, or beat things with a large hammer (or is that Peter Gabriel? I always forget), but hate is not one of its evoked emotions, in my reading. But that's how the music genome flows, and I like Robert Palmer as much as The Cure, Siouxsie Sioux, or Simple Minds, so no complains with this gene jockey.

My parents like Robert Palmer, and they also like Pandora. I think my mom has a station started with Jack Johnson that she really likes. I'm not as in to Mr. Johnson as she is. I don't think she or my dad would really like the wailing of the Banshees either. But we can all agree on Robert Palmer.

And now finally, through all of those segue-ways, we reach the point of the post. Here is a list of music that my parents and I both really like, and of which I might very well have stolen their LPs (shhh!!!):

Robert Palmer
Peter Gabriel
Steely Dan
Paul Simon
Jimmy Buffett
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
Dire Straits
Stevie Wonder
Earth, Wind, and Fire
Neil Young

and there are more that I will add as I think of them. I think its a pretty good collection of music. Certainly not exhaustive of either of our tastes, but a nice compromise between generations. I think a Venn Diagram could be in order.

PS. Other Pandora stations that I have created and are worth mentioning include:

"In the Beginning, there was... Radio" (dub, down tempo)
"Noise for the End of Times Radio" (apocalyptic post-rock)
"Say Yes Radio" (modern indie folk)

If any sound interesting to you drop a line and I'll send you the link. Its a bit troublesome to post them all, because of the way Pandora works.

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