Logic: wooo!

This statement is true.
This statement is false.

Between these two, logic is born, and logic dies. While it is easy to simply proscribe the second statement, by saying that it is "illogical", the fact is that the basis by which the first statement is "logical" shows logic to be a fallacy.

Both statements have meaning. The meaning of the first statement proves logic by completeing the circle. The meaning of the second disproves it by breaking it. If you can say that the first statement, in that it is a meaningful statement, has a logical meaning, then you must admit that the second statement has a meaning, despite the fact that it is illogical. Paradox is still meaningful.

Therefore logic is merely a game, and meaning is completely independent of logic. Logic is the same as saying: "The first rule of the game is that there are rules and that they are meaningfully true, including this one." Sure, why not? But you haven't proved the existence of meaning, you have only utilized it.

The greatest part is, that all of the above would be pretty much meaningless if it was not logical.

(Derrida is pretty sweet.)

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