70 pages full of pizza

Because my graduate school department (which shall heretofore go unnamed) decided to screw me over, I have had to compose my entire Master's Thesis in one week. It is a good thing that I was already ahead of schedule before the eliminated the schedule, otherwise I would be dead in the street right now, and not sitting on top of 70+ pages on Freud, Derrida, Kristeva, and Marx.

This is my excuse for the scanty posts of late. Next week I should be back at work, which means back on the internet, which means back on the blog. Right now I'm taking time out from my last few pages to steal NYU's internet at the catalog terminal. They won't give me a wireless logon, the bastards! Luckily I can steal this at 230am. I would have earlier, but the place was swamped with NYU jerks instant messaging. I just keep standing up to make sure no one's stealing my laptop from the carrol across the room. The laptop is expensive, sure, but if I lost the thesis now, I would have to light the place on fire. And not that metaphorical, just-talk-about-it fire, the real kind. The kind that burns libraries down with its vengeful anger.

So that's it for now. Maybe, depending how batty I get, there will be another post later tonight. Tell you what: at least I'll update the blog quote to something appropriately philosophical. That Bowie quote has had its day. Move over!

Oh, one other discovery. Drinking soda with pizza will taste like a pizza party, no matter how old I am.

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