Have you heard about this "Brute Press?"

So through certain "connections" I have been made aware of the launching of a new independent press out of New York City. They are called Brute Press, and publish small works and compilations of cutting-edge literature and art. They just released their first publication, appropriately titled "A".

A short story of mine and a couple of (shitty, but apparently worthy for publication) poems are published in it, but regardless of that, you should check them out, tell your friends, or just show them a little love. It's hard to be in the print business in this digital age, they deserve some props. I've seen the issue, and its actually pretty cool, and only costs $2, including postage. If you invested in it, you wouldn't be disappointed. I mean, hey, where can you get quality literature these days for only two bucks?

Check out their blog and their MySpace.

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