Home with a cold today. Right now it's in the sore throat stage, I'm sure we'll be well on to the stuffiness head cold stage tomorrow. I went out this morning and bought four cans of soup, a loaf of bread, a stack of american cheese, a stick of margarine, and two gallons of orange juice with pulp. Gotta have pulp. There are alot of people who are anti-pulp, but in my opinion, they might as well drink Tang. The pulp is part of the orange, without it you might as well be drinking water without the hydrogen. A woman at the grocery store with no teeth asked me if I am vegetarian (I think she asked because I had bought the two kinds of soup available at the grocery store that didn't have ground beef in them) and then suggested I go to Whole Foods because they have a better selection. I agreed, but said that Whole Foods was too far away.

Now it is soup and grilled cheese time. Unfortunately, TNT seems to be on the blink, so I cannot watch Law & Order, which was my one chance for a miraculous cure. Also unfortunately, I cannot get either the Campell's or the Progressive soup commercials out of my head, and this makes me want to put my forehead in the frying pan.

I had a good topic for a post today, but I seem to have forgotten it in all this excitement. Maybe I'll remember later while I'm doing my taxes.

Until then, here is a link to a creepy but very entertaining article by Sarah Aswell, who went to my college. She is a good writer. The article gives me a post-modern mystical "ghost in the machine" feeling about the internet, similar to some of Chuck Palahniuk's better stuff. But I hate Palahniuk. Lately, I've been hating every writer that I like that is successful because I am not.

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