The War Against Terrorcons

So Joost has an entire channel of the Transformers: Energon storyline. Sweet.

But here's the plot (for those who haven't read every wikipedia article about the Transformers universe):

Autobots and Decipticons have signed a treaty and are working together.

But, a new evil has arisen in darkest space, called the Terrorcons. (huh?) They are trying to steal all the Energon, the mystical energy material that is the solution to Earth's energy problems (huh huh?). But unfortunately the conditions of the treaty, the symbol of which resembles the UN logo, do not allow the Transformers to preemptively attack any other mechanical life forms! (whoa...)

And Kicker (the hot-headed human character) sure is getting tired of speeches!

What is going to happen!?!?! The series was made in 2004-5, so I can't see any Tranformer surges occurring... maybe the Dinobots, winning more representation in midterm elections, will vote against continuing funding expeditionary energon mining. But do you think a commander-in-chief like Optimus Prime will let that stop him from saving Cybertron?

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