Not a Whole Lot

Not a whole lot going on today. There's nice weather outside. I'm wearing a T-shirt with an image of a dinosaur stopping on a person. A lot of tech sites are talking about the story I talked about yesterday. That means I'm fresher than they. My T-shirt also means I'm fresh. And when I was walking outside in the fresh air, look out boy/girl, there was some poppin' freshness going on.

You seem skeptical. I can tell. Fine, I will show you.

Here's the weather:

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Here's yesterday's post and a zillion other articles saying the same thing:

Fresh / Not so Fresh

Eight people read this blog!

And here's my sweet dinosaur T-shirt.


The shirt is from these comics that also have dinosaurs that stomp. They also talk, which is not quite as historically accurate. The comics look like


They're not very funny at first, but after you sit at work not working and look at a lot of stuff online and then look at a lot of dinosaur comics then they are pretty funny.

I'm normally not the kind of guy to buy a T-shirt of anything off the internet, but I really wanted a shirt with a Dino on it for a long time, and here was one, not only on it, but also stomping. A friend once told me that I walk like a dinosaur. I don't think it was meant to be a compliment.

I also wrote this post with the text centered. Pretty fresh.

Except, I guess, I stole the news story from someone else. And the T-shirt is kind of nerdy. And the weather doesn't really reflect upon me at all. I guess nothing is that fresh here today. I wonder why I even thought to use that adjective. It's a bit lame, even without me attached to it.

Shit. Well, forget all that garbage. Nothing is new, nothing is fresh, nothing is happening. Now see why, if I was actually a dinosaur, I would stomp on everyone. End of post.

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Molly said...

so, long story, but i was wondering where you purchased your dinosaur t-shirt online. that would be great if you could post a link!
thank you very much!