Pants-Dropping Musical-Religious Theater! Take the Kids!

So a bit of a downer yesterday: my rad country-western music belt buckle broke. It was a gift to me from a former flame purchased at an antique store in Newton, Iowa. It was an antique store that was not Pappy's Antique Mall, that being a great store in Newton, despite Pappy not having this belt buckle. At Pappy's I once purchased a copy of Mahavishnu Orchestra's Firebird on LP for a dollar. I also looked at a lot of the antique campaign buttons, but I did not purchase any.

The buckle looks like this:

Look at that manufactured art! Check out the metal relief of the cowboy hats! Admire their lackadaisical but professional poses as they embody one of America's musical traditions! It encompasses every sort of ideal that I would want stamped into metal for the purpose of holding up my pants.

And now it is broken. The hinge that fastened it to the leather broke, and will probably need to be welded, or at the very least epoxyed. Now I have some brown canvas belt that looks dumb, while admittedly keeping my shorts around my waist. Sigh... I bet those fellas have no problem keeping up their pants. They are just so cool. Plus, their pants are made of metal.

Hopefully something wonderful will happen to-day so that my stock can stop this horrible decline. I'll keep you informed, don't worry. As soon as there is any motion in the market I will let you know.

In the meantime, I walked past the Scientology headquarters yesterday. It's funny looking, kind of like it might be just another theater on 45th street. I didn't go inside though, because once you start talking to those people you can't get away. The building looks like this:

Scientology: The Musical! Starring John Travolta as the young L. Ron Hubbard!

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