Time to G.T.F.O.

So I haven't been posting very much recently, because I have just finished grad school, I am attempting (slowly but surely) to find a job, and I am fixing to move myself and all of mythings out west to the fine town of Portland, Oregon, which while perhaps being a cliche location for a young, creative, twenty-somethings with few realistic prospects to move to, it certainly seems to be a la mode for good reasons. These reasons do not include hipster fashion, because I certainly had enough of that here in New York City. One reason actually is that it was the number one city that I should move to on this internet quiz, Find My Spot.

But besides the possible benefits of "following the hipster herd", the point is that all these processes leave me little time for posting to my really important blog. But isn't this the most cliche blog post of all? "Sorry guys, I'm posting to tell you my lame excuse for not posting to make myself feel better about my actually having to do things..." Really sweet, Adam.

But never fear. I'm researching some dope shit as we speak that will TOTALLY make up for the loss. And then, next week we'll have big things going on, because the

Long-Lost Friend Reclamation / Mediocre City Exploration Project

will totally f-ing commence. I will be driving to these fine locales and exploring all they have for me, as I slowly but surely make my way to the BEST CITY IN THE NATION (for my personality, anyway, as understood by internet questionnaire). I'll be posting really poignant city reviews, pictures, and hipster death sightings.

So until then, enjoy this lame post, and get ready for the good stuff. Are you ready? Not yet? How about now? Yes? Good.

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