Totally such thing as a free feed...

I re-did my links, partially to update, and mostly because Blogger finally implemented the last complaint from my Google Universe post: they added a function to insert your Reader subscriptions into your blog roll. So now there's a crazy updating feed center thing with everyone I thought would benefit from the link or from who's link you'd benefit. (what?)

You have to hand it to Google--every complaint I had was fixed in about six months. Are they listening to me? Or just constantly innovating?

I have been thinking about experimenting with WordPress though... Google Sites is alright, but how can it compete with open source, complete with plugins AND skinned interfaces? But don't worry, Welcome to the Interdome will be staying here for the immediate future. Any WordPress will be unrelated.

Oh, and if you were linked, and now are not, and your web site is functioning (or you have a new one) you should let me know, because it was an oversight: you didn't get kicked off the island. Unless you are XKCD, or a similar large site, and definitely don't need my link for people to know where you at. Not that you would then contact me if you were... but... what was I saying...?

ps. Hit 10,000 visits today, thanks in part to BURNLAB, no doubt. I can't figure out why SiteCounter and Google Analytics differ so much. Maybe SC is counting double hits for page views or something. Oh well, I'll take my 10Gs. Thanks y'all.


betabug said...

Wow, they implemented a feature which I have had in do-it-yourself form on my own blog for years now... there's something for being a programmer :-)

Adam Rothstein said...

Pat yourself on the back! Yes, I wish I was not at the mercy of Google (and the perennial beta test) but here I am all the same, happy with scraps.

Perhaps one day I'll pull my head out of my ass and learn how to program... (and not just my calculator, either!)