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I came across this game on some of the architectural blogs: pairing up architecture with representative music. (See list at the bottom for the other players).

Now, I know next to nothing about architecture, but the game of pairing music with things is too good not to play. So instead of picking examples of various architecture movements, which would be silly for me to even attempt, I chose places in New York City. This is something I do know something about, and place is certainly representative of the aesthetics of space in a big way, if a bit more of a milieu, rather than positive design.

Anyway, here we go! Welcome to New York! (more esoteric bullshit will certainly follow in later posts.)



Tribe Called Quest (Watch at the same time if you can.)


Times Square


Coltrane (I wrote an essay about this once.)




Velvet Underground (if you want to talk about architecture, listen to the song with headphones. Take one headphone off. Put it back on. Take the other one off. Put it back on. Repeat.)


Canal Street, Manhattan Bridge


Eric B. and Rakim (its cliche to talk about hip-hop and 'the streets', but New York streets, the actual physical streets, are something else. If you listen to hip-hop and pound the pavement, you totally know what I mean.)


The Bowery

The Ramones (what's a bigger cultural force? Punk or hip-hop? Both born in NYC.)



Modern Romance (what's old is new. What's lame is hip again. Damn it, brooklyn.)

Original posters, and originators of the game:

"Nasty, Brutalist and Short": this
"Fantastic Journal": one, two, and three
"Mockitecture": aay, bee, and see

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