Ocean Confections

A couple of months ago I had a strange image of a cake surrounded by authentic Pacific Ocean foam.

So last week, when we went to the coast, we brought a pretty cake, an a cake stand.

Here are some of the results. I posted the good ones in a gallery here.

I didn't even know the couple was standing there when I took this one. I was trying to keep the gravel out of my lens.

Digital photography is amazing. As I described to Megan while having a Photoshop geek-out, "it's like creating a visible-spectrum light database! Photoshop is the Google of light!" Maybe, maybe not; but with standard film this picture would have been a blurry cake and face in a completely dark frame. Light is retouched, that's it.

This wasn't the best foam shot, but I think it's my favorite. You never know at the time. Isn't the cake stand awesome? It's warp-age is totally its antique charm.

It felt really nice to get a project all the way to completion. And it was a lot of fun, running around in the winter waves, taking pictures of a cake! So many weird looks from the dog-walkers and teenagers.


betabug said...

Crazy and wonderful pictures! Loved them!

Lots of people take lame pictures, because they can't get their ass out of their sofas. You went all the way to implement your idea and the outcome is really great!

Adam Rothstein said...

Thanks! The fun of doing it was reward enough, but I'm glad they came out well. And, I can always use more Adobe Suite practice!

Todd said...

Great idea and well played out. Like betabug says to many lazy people to follow through with there ideas, me included. I really enjoyed your vision here.


Anonymous said...

Terrific photos Adam.

I particularly liked "cake rock couple" (can we still be friends?)
Reminded me of Todd Rundgren song.

Re "Megan's glad" -- that glare seems to say, "GTFO!" Like the mismatch socks too.

All in all the set made me nostalgic for the beach I grew up on, an altogether less shiny, somewhat less spectacular Atlantic beach in Massachusetts. When the ocean or the bakery calls it's hard to resist.

Did you guys have your cake and eat it too? Or was it too salty by then.