404 Error: This Place is not a Place


Using my totally amazing Voice Search in my free Google Mobile App on my iPhone, I quickly and easily spoke the words, "post office" to find the nearest United States Postal Service Branch Office to my vicinity, that being zip code 97215.

With the amazing technology of Google zipping my immediate whim to the super-absorbent database of Google Inc, somewhere in an undisclosed Google-cation using even less green energy than before, my results where quickly displayed from my multi-touch display screen to my multi-look ocular-pits.

I activated my Jacket-Closure and rotated my Physical Home Security tension assembly to block unauthorized access while I was physic-mobile. Then, utilizing my quick-and-easy GeneticCorp Bipedal Stature Upgrades, I walked immediately to...


Boy, was my Ornery-Unit ringing it's new custom ring tone! I almost walked right in to that chiropractor's office and told them just what I thought of the biggest most intriguing philosophied global corporation shaping the internet of the future today!

But don't worry, I did the right thing. I walked right home, and logged on to my account, and left a comment telling the user who made that custom location that no, there is no post office there. Yes, I'm sure. I was just there. Like in real life.

And in case that doesn't work, I'm also posting it here on my Blogger blog, so the inconsistency in the matrix is picked up immediately by the mainframe, and the glitch is nullified in about .002 real time. CAN YOU HEAR ME, MAINFRAME????

So if I'm not around tomorrow, Google got me.

I'm sorry sir, but you have been deemed faulty. Google's server will now remove the glitch...

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