I moved, so the manifesto series took a break. Looks like the world is still moving too.

Obviously, GAZA. F'ed.

Closer to home, Oakland.

Regardless of your stance on police violence/brutality, I don't think you can say that is not really fucked up. In the same vein of the famous photograph of the suspected Viet Cong being executed during the Vietnam War, to see one human pull a pistol on another who is tied down and simply end his/her life is pretty remarkable. Remarkable in the way that is fucked up. And clearly Oscar Grant was not a military insurgent, no matter what he did.

And here, for artsy purposes, is a nice snapshot from the rioting in Oakland.

photo is by Thomas Hawk. His flickr set is here, his web site (that has narration to go with some of the pictures) here.

Well, it doesn't quite look like Athens, but then Oaklanders aren't quite Greeks.

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