Hey, answer this question, jerks!

My comments section is not the most--well, populated. But, I thought seeing as it was Friday, a big day for blog traffic (if you could call it that here), I would have a small:

Comment Poll!

My question is this, readers of Welcome to the Interdome:

Obviously the agenda here is set by my will and my will alone. But, given that as many as 5 hits a day are from repeat visitors, I wouldn't mind hearing what sorts of requests I could happily deny.

So, what sort of topics do you enjoy reading about here?

a) pseudo-Marxist rants
b) pseudo-semiotic rants
c) stuff about writing/literature
d) stuff about the economy
e) wait, isn't a the same as d, and b the same as c? What is it with you?
f) random associations about internet memes
g) hilarious horse videos (I have thousands!)
h) do one of those funny self-interviews again, from back in the day
i) self-belittling comments about the lack of visitors to the blog
j) anything you write is wonderful, Adam--we're here because we like you!

I fully expect no responses. But, I offer these incentives to woo you into doing so:

1 response: I will immediately compose a post in that category, that will be the best one yet.
2 responses: I will compose a post in each voted category, or two for the same, if that's how the votes go. However, because I will be splitting my efforts, each article will only be of average quality.
3 responses: I will immediately begin to cop an attitude, talking smack about how popular my blog is. Then I will write one blog post about whatever I want, that will be of really poor quality because of my inflated ego.
4 responses: I will do nothing, except go have a snack.
5 responses: I will declare next week "Reader Appreciation Week", and write a post per day discussing the merits of each of the posters in turn.
6 responses: I will declare "Reader Appreciation Week", but each poster will only get a limmerick, that may or may not be about them.
7 responses: "Reader Appreciation Week", with photo-enhanced toasts composed for each (and some for myself).
8 responses: yeah right.
9 responses (or more): I'll make everybody something fun. You actually might like it. Reader Appreciation Week will be canceled.
0 responses: We'll never speak of this again. Or, in case that motivates you not to respond, I will speak of this all the time, in a whiny tone.

Bring the noise.


Paula said...

Hi Adam Rothstein!

I clicked on this an lost the options so I will just say I don't like math.

Also, you should go to feedburner and check out your rss followers... I bet more people are reading than you think.



betabug said...

I like most of the stuff you're writing. Sometimes when I'm at work I don't have enough time to dig through the longer rants. So my answer would almost be "j", except I don't know you so I can't say I like you ;-)

(As for Paula: There is a link called "Show Original Post" on the left of the comment form.)