Hmm... Yes, Well...

So I've been thinking about the pretty angry and rant-filled post I made earlier today.

I thought about deleting it, because really there isn't a point in insulting some random designer anonymously on the Internet. There are plenty of worthless arguments made every day, and a lot of them will be posted online. So why bother?

But I'm going to leave it up. In the spirit in which it was posted, there is plenty wrong with the world, there are not enough people trying to change it, and there are too many people setting up road blocks in the way of those who are trying to not call "Bullshit!" when some one perpetrates a big pile of it. Especially when they call it theory, and it is anything but.

If it was presented as "marketing", I wouldn't care. But because it was presented as design, and what's more, information design, it rubbed me raw. These are disciplines in which there are plenty of people doing good work, and good theory, both important to the evolution of life on this planet. That some jerk can waltz in with misinformation, crap theory, and start fucking it up is a travesty. There is way too much "don't hate the player, hate the game" in theory. The people who try and tell you that anecdotes replace good, solid critical thinking need to be run out of town on a rail.

However, I do want to give a full disclosure, and say precisely why I thought this bit of idiocy required me to be insulting and so sardonic.

One: I left my particular theory discipline for precisely this reason. There were plenty of good thinkers there, but (most) didn't care about the evolution of the theory more than they cared about egos and careers. So, the point is a little close to my emotions. Sue me.

Two: I have a particular disgust for "consultants", i.e. those who have some abstract knowledge about "business" or "marketing", and step into a production environment, not knowing anything about actual production (that is, MAKING THINGS) and try to control the situation. I have heard just about everyone of those 20 damn receivables in terms of "consulting", and they were all bullshit. If you have no ability or skill in MAKING THINGS, why don't you leave the strategy to people who do? There are plenty of smart people in production who can manage, strategize, design, and implement. I think the "proverb" is lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. Again, an emotional topic.

Three: Diplomacy works when you are negotiating. Reasoned argument works when you are trying to convert somebody to a point of view. Ridicule and derision works when you are making an example of some thing or someone. I didn't necessarily want to trash that guys work. But I do want anyone who would listen to me in the slightest to think pretty damn hard about ever proceeding down a similar avenue. Politeness isn't necessarily a receivable for me. Progress and thought are.

So that's it. Reader beware.

ps. I simply found the article via Mssr. Sterling. I'm not sure under what auspices he posted it--there wasn't too much commentary. But even negative examples are good ones, so I just wanted to give credit for directing me towards it, for what it's worth.

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