I've been Sterlingged

As a study in the weirdness of the internet, and the small (but steady!) readership of this blog, here is my analytics chart for last week, when Bruce Sterling re-posted a picture from my blog post about the SF Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle.

370-some posts in one day was a pretty big bump for lil' old Interdome.

Also, he and Rudy Rucker have a new short story in Asimov's about the end of the world visualized through the perspectives of two hardcore bloggers in the not-so-distant-future. The story is great; those guys are awesome. Any blogger should get a kick out of it, even the not-SF-and-techno-jargon inclined.

Also, if you examine the chart above, you will notice that most of my hits from search engines are drawn to my pictures of "Greek animals". This has been, consistently, the biggest single draw to the site since I published that post back in 10/07. Again, the Internet is a weird thing.

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