Pass the COAB

You know I love the local pan-Asian Mart, but I found this little item in the Food 4 Less.

What crazy packaging! It looked at is it was printed in very poor quality, on plastic-lined newsprint. On the bottom of the packaging it looks as if the ink has faded or rubbed off, but the pattern is the same on both sides, leading me to believe either the mistake was in the printing process, or perhaps it was designed to look that way: kind of "antiquey" salt?

Isn't language funny? To a person who reads Cyrillic, the text is quite simply for the phonemes spelling the audible, "salt". But to a Roman alphabet person, the symbols sound like "coab". Isn't that crazy?

"But that writing doesn't sound like 'salt'!"

Silly Roman! Pictures don't sound like anything!

Also funny: because it was at Food 4 Less, the sign said, "price: $1.25; supermarket price: $2.60". I'm pretty sure I've never seen Coab in my supermarket. Ah yes... Food 4 Less.

Ps. Yes, that is Bergson's Time and Free Will in the background.

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Anonymous said...

For whoever is interested, Coab is my first name. I am usely called Coaby, pronounced Koby like the basketball player. When asked about my name I've just said it was a old faimly name from east Texas, I never knew it was Roman for salt.