Happy May Day!


NEW - Article in The Brutalitarian (digital), "Nearing the Machines": Merce Cunningham, the aesthetics of machinery, architecture, and human narrative

NEW - Short Story (digital), "The Bridge": A man dies and then the story begins...

NEW - Short Story (digital), "It Had Better Hurt... or What's the Point?": A story about thinking about getting lucky with a crush....

NEW - Novella (print & digital), Open-faced Mushroom Blastocyst
: Fungus is a delicious food, but it makes a confusing way of life. We're lucky most eschatology is written in books, rather than in the heated course of the blood vessels in our stomachs.

NEW - Totally New! (print), Interdome Monthly
: a zine digest of more essay-like posts from Welcome to the Interdome, plus some original drawings, and more!

NEW - Brand New Brute Press site, on Word Press!

Happy May Day, everybody.

Normally I treat everyone to a long rant on May Day, either about labor history, or the labor future, or the future of labor history, or the history of labor's future.

But today, I want to give something back to those few of you who make writing this blog fun in reading it. Some fruits of labor for you, gentle friends.

Well, I suppose not simply to you--but mostly to you, because you are my only real captive audience on the Internet.

I have been working my ass off for the past two weeks, and now have blurry eyes from staring at LCDs, because I have been preparing:


Brute Press is my entity for self-publishing. It's been going on in various levels of intensity for two or three years. I like publishing and printing almost as much as I enjoy writing, and since it is a little bit frustrating to put one's entire hopes of seeing one's work in print in the hands of publishing companies who neither know you nor care much either way, it makes sense to do it myself. Because it's actually fun! After all the work, of course. And it's on the Internet, which is what publishers are doing, right? I'm actually a better publishing company that most. (hell, I haven't lost a dime yet!)

Originally, the idea was to publish other people's work as much or more than my own--but in these days where everyone is PODing it all GTG up on Internets, it's hard to find submissions when you're a one-guy operation. "You want to digitally print and bind my book by hand, and sell it yourself?" "Yeah." "Shit, that's a good idea--I'll do it myself."

So anyway, it's a forum for my own writing, an excuse to tailor things up a bit more than a blog post, practice on designing projects, and a way to set writing deadlines. If you've never visited, but find my blog posts somewhat amusing, you should check it out.


Now you should really check it out, because I have uploaded and changed a whole bunch of stuff, all for you!

Do you want to hear what's there?

Do you?

Okay! But you have promise to tell everyone you know, post it on all your blogs, wrap your auto in a vinyl description of how awesome it is, and spray paint my praises on the good table cloth to wave in the air at the next big game. K?

Oh wait, I already did. Well, just have a good May Day, then.

I'll post more details about the various items over the weekend, because there's a lot to say. But go check it out. I bet you'll like at least some of it.

I'm especially excited about the novella. I've been working on it for about seven months now, and I would say its the (completed) writing I'm generally most happy with to date. It's also available for FREE in both print and digital (and so is most of everything else on the site). It's being released in versions, similar to the unbook hypothesis. More about that on the site. So check that out first.

Also, none of the writing is SF. For a change. Just to let you know. In case it matters.

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