In Digital Photography, There are Only Positives

The end of May, and the end of my vow to be positive--which I somewhat followed.

I really liked the positive style of blogging. Instead of culling the RSS plateaus for things that piss me off, I thought about all the things I really like. I looked at my bookshelf, and thought, if I could read any book right now, which would I choose? What a positive feeling! Of course, there are the things we must read, or that we feel we have to read, and we certainly don't want to read the same book again and again, so we must move on to new things, which we don't know if we like or not. But the "best of everything" is a fun project.

However, I think my writing is funnier when I'm really pissed off. When I'm laudatory, I tend to go off into cloud-land, musing on the sublime perfection of such-and-such, and how everyone should be attempting to emulate it, or at very least use it as their core theoretical text. This is kind of boring. Ire is much more entertaining. There will certainly be more ire in my life in the future. Hey, I mean, it's the future, right?

I kind of trailed from the project this last week, because of chaos at work, and a lot of emotional negativity, which was keeping me from really feeling the love. But, I still have a stack of books, music, and other things, (in actual physical form or just in mind) to get to, so I will work them in as I can and feel like it.

Anyway--it being the end of the month, I've pushed forward some things to the Internet that have been collecting dust on the desktop for awhile, so I'll share them with you now. The Brute Press mega-upload/new site launch last month went pretty well; many more hits than the previous site, though no one has contacted me to receive a free copy of Open-Faced Mushroom Blastocyst. I know--its some crazy literary project by a mostly self-published author about fungus and cosmology and sex, but fuck man, it's free. You can't even give literature away these days. Well, here is some other stuff you can access with only a comfy click of the mouse.

Two new photo albums on my Picasa site; one is some shots of an abadoned women's college in New York State I took on our recent trip back east.

Kind of reminded me of the bathhouse in Spirited Away. Sort of collapsed, victorian-gothic.

There's also a few photos I took of a sparkler with the iPhone. Again, the shitty camera takes pretty awesome snapshots. The only editing I did was to up the contrast a bit.

So there are pictures--there will be more stuff in a bit.

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