Ohhhhh.... the Colors...

So I have received a few comments about the colors on my blog. Something like, "spine-wrenching orange-on-lavender..." or of the sort.

Let me just say, these were not colors picked at whim. It was specifically designed to match the color scheme of the Denver Nuggets from 1982-1993 (with some slight hue changes):

That's one of those "little known" facts about Welcome to the Interdome you can use to impress your friends.

But, regardless of the smart color choice I originally picked, it was time for a change. The Internet is changing, in case you hadn't noticed. I'd had the same color scheme since I started this blog two years and two hundred posts ago. So I'd say we were about due for a re-branding.

This color scheme is based upon nothing other than my whim, and the fact that I did not want to totally bent to the cries on my readership, so the text is now pink. Ha! Read that, jerks! Ha ha ha!

Really though: who doesn't read via RSS anyway? Get with the times.

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