Film/Re-Film it

As I was alerted by @wicked_halo, I thought I should pass on the rumor that Daft Punk is going to be scoring Tron 2.

Why, you ask, are they making a Tron 2? Well, because:

If you need a less blurry reason than that, then it is because Hollywood is out of ideas, but they know the people who go to Comic Con will still pay to see any movie based on anything they already know of.

Can't say it is a bad idea to have Daft Punk score the movie. I just really hope they update the sense of technology in the movie. I re-watched Tron not too long ago, and the computer metaphor is really, hopeless dated. But if they are still going to chase each other on motorcycles across a circuit board, that doesn't seem to be too possible.

Then again, the aesthetic of the movie always was it's major appeal. Even when I watched it as a kid, having only the most basic concept of computers (I think we had an Apple II then) it seemed pretty specious. But, who doesn't like neon and motorcycles.

So I guess it works. Hell, most Daft Punk videos look a lot like Tron, anyway.

Here's another good one. I add this because I've don't think I've ever mentioned that this is my un-official "getting shit done on the iphone" song.

I would love to make a video showing a finger doing all of these things on the iphone, in quick, cut-up style. Well, all except "paste it", of course...

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