Kangan Batman Tafe

More hilariousness (meaning, not the first!) comes from the Official Google Blog (my number one RSS feed for laughs, apparently):

Announcing their "Suggest" feature, customized for various countries' Google search pages, David Kadouch, Project Manager, muses on the crazy differences between countries:

"If you type [liver] in the U.K., you're probably a Liverpool fan (but in the U.S. you'll get more suggestions about liver diseases):"

[dour, though its true, I do care more about liver disease than soccer.]

"While in the Maldives, typing [ato] leads to:"

[Ah... well, yes. Very good. But enough about the damn Maldives. What about AUSTRALIA???]

In Australia, typing [kan] will offer suggestions about Australia's most famous animal:

What? Kanye West is Australia's most famous animal?

Well, I suppose he does have more search results than the other Kangaroo suggestions combined.

But if you are me, (and you are!) you are wondering what the hell kind of animal a kangan batman tafe is.

(okay, I admit it. When I started this post it was way funnier than it is now.)

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