The Philip Glass Network

A blog I really dig is The Bomb Party. Good material, good commentary, and often much shorter and sweeter than my own tendency to ramble on.

I mention this because I recently found these two re-postable Philip Glass artifacts through the blog. I nerd out for anything with Glass' music in it, but these are particularly good.

The first is direct evidence that Sesame Street sought to reprogram children with gnostic wisdom, normally reserved for people stoned enough to have enjoyed Lawnmower Man.

The second is a clip from the film The Church, written by Dario Argento. This is probably my favorite part with Glass' music in it--the film tends to whip it out during the most bizarrely esoteric parts of the film, saving Emerson and Goblin for the more typical horror/thriller bits. You get a taste of both here.

I really love artists like Philip Glass for not only making great art, but managing to sneak it into possibly hundreds of sources, of which it would be nearly impossible to find all, unless you had access to his bank account. You find him everywhere, and it loops together this great network of awesomeness that can only be delved into by happenstance and serendipity.

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