Elektronika, Ausgezeichnet!

This was supposed to be a follow-up to my post on David Borden and sci-fi synth aesthetic, but it got lost in the fog. Anyway, more retro-futurism for you.

My last post [sic] was very much about the music of David Borden specifically, because of its counterpoint technique. However, another group that certainly gets the aesthetic is Kraftwerk, although the correspondence to SF cinema is not quite the same. Kraftwerk works more in a niche of politics and history, which is interesting in its own right. The video for "Trans-Europe Express" plays like a newsreel, not a techno-fantasy. Techno-critique, perhaps.

Anyway, here are some fun videos. Synth, away!

Synth with animation probably deserves a close look. Fantastic Planet, and that ilk, for sure. (See part 2 here.)

I think Apple should plan their keynote product releases more along these lines.

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