Rumors that the new iPhone OS might have voice control.

I knew from the first week of use, that once they created voice control for the iPhone, the Internet (and by ironic reverse-engineering, computers) would be going audio. Why? Because it is a pain in the ass to take it out of your pocket--that's why. It brings so much of the digital world to the palm of your hand. Now they just have to put it in your brain, and obviously, the easiest way to do that after visual language is auditory language. Computers are coming out of the lab, and marching a slow, steady conquering path across our desks, up our fingers, down our throats, and around our spinal columns.

Next up: Google Endocrine--hungry? need to contact a willing sexual partner? Looking for the best attack response or the quickest escape route? Log in to Google Endocrine, and let our servers match your hormone secretions with our database of geo-locatable emotional triggers. What you want, before your slow-ass consciousness figures it out.

Oh yeah, and I guess you can twitter with your brain now, too. So, see? There you go.

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