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I made a major style change to Brute Press, eliminating the occasionally irritating formatting, improving the font (thank you, serifs), and getting rid of the unneeded and excessive categories and organizational modes.

If that isn't a good enough reason to head right over there and check out some FREE LITERATURE, then how about


"As the Man Said" is a fun piece about some kids. It's hot off rejection at a small, online lit mag, whose editor told me, "What didn't work is that, for me at any rate, there wasn't enough of a story here." How's that for praise? I could describe it more, but it's short and I'd give away the awesome part, which of course, is that there is no story in the story. Yep. A lot of works about nothing, apparently.

"On Fire" was born from a need to write a story about cars. This one was rejected from a lit mag too, but without any awesome criticism to totally make me see the error in writing stories about nothing. This means, through the obvious inverse, that something definitely happens in this story.

Well, there you have it. Brute Press: stuff happens, and is now 50% easier to read.

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