Entering the Marketplace

Tomorrow morning I'll be out at the Portland Saturday Farmer's Market, on the south park blocks downtown. I'll be trying to sling some merchandise, which I haven't tried to do since living in New York. Didn't work too well in the big city, because people are way too good at ignoring people. Even (and especially) when you're trying to give stuff away for free!

But I'll have a bunch of stuff in PDX this time, where people can't help but hand you cash for fine-crafted printed goods, so come on down and find me. I'll have the full set of screenprinted "Found Note" prints ("Invasive Species" pictured lo-fi to the right), a new two-color print, "Compressor" (awesome!), as well as the old Brute Press swag: zines and books. If you've wanted a copy of the two Welcome to the Interdome zines I made, now is your chance.

I've really been digging me some screenprinting. Complete, quality printing, in my own basement. If had a screen fine enough to handle 12pt. text, I would totally print an entire book using it. Well, maybe. But what I totally am printing are a series of awesome stuff I've found, from some old pen & ink drawings of mine, to some re-purposed engineering diagrams, and some scans from a 1918 German surgery text (this are especially gnarly). You'll see me with more of these over the coming weeks, as I scrape enough cash together for the up-to-8-color prints I'm envisioning. I really do like screenprinting. I'll also be experimenting with some broadsheets and cut-ups of blog material, and other stuff. None of these designs have really come together quite yet, but I'm still excited for the future.

But tomorrow, I'll also have copies of Open-Faced Mushroom Blastocyst, which will be free! Yes! A book for free! Just ask!

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled rants, and miscellany. All hype-machining now back to Twitter.

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