Quick Bit O' Remix

Recently I've notice a good number of high quality, original, remixed videos out there, through the usual sources. They stand out for several reasons.

-They are quite entertaining.

-They appear to have a considerable amount of time/skill/effort put into them.

-They are great examples of how a remix can be more than "jacking a beat", and producing something quite original and different than the source work.

Especially the second. I've done a bit of video editing work, albeit with a crappy program, and I was amazed at how long it took me. So, I tip my hat at all these artists, for their skill.

You have probably seen a few of these floating around (most have YouTube view counts in the hundreds of thousands) but in case you missed any, here is a little Welcome to the Interdome video sampler. Enjoy!

A song composed almost entirely of clips from Alice in Wonderland. There are more by the same artist on YouTube.

The trailer re-cut is somewhat of a genre on YouTube, stemming from the professional editing competition that brought us "Shining", some years back. The offerings are generally amateur now, ranging from the specious, to the shakily awful. This one however, is pretty good, because it totally reworks the original movie, without going to the obvious, "make it a horror movie" route. It's minimal, but it works.

Because the movie trailer is itself a genre, there are many fan-based trailers floating around there. I posted the various Tintin trailers a while ago, but here is one for The Green Lantern made almost entirely out of footage of the actor from other films. I guess this gets easier the more comic films are made.

I'm not a huge fan of the Brat pack, but you have to admit this video is a pretty catchy homage to the somewhat silly dance sequences of these movies. It also makes me wish there were more musicals. Real musicals, not high school musicals. Call me when there is a cyborg reincarnation of Gene Kelly.

A mind-blowing, if some what car-sick inducing bend of AiW to Three Six Mafia. I guess Disney animation just really screams for modern appropriations (and they are certainly no copyright angels, when it comes to remix and reinterpretation!)

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