Is that a Proxy Server, Kittycat?

There seem to be some funny goings-on at work regarding the Internet. My iGoogle page is failing to load properly, and all Blogger sites are failing to load (both blogger.com and all blogspot.com sites). I'm not sure why, but I have some suspicions.

This will probably slow down my rate of posting--not because I blog a lot at work, but because my long periods of computer usage, often while large documents are batch-processing or spooling to print drivers, gives me time to scan things, find pictures, or jot down notes, without affecting my productivity. This is obvious to many, but a complete mystery to certain nosey consultants. Even though they may not know what "batch processing" is, let alone anything else I actually do.

Anyway, not that it's actually a problem, or that it is really related, but using the word "nosey" reminded me of this scene from Chinatown.

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