How does 1983 feel?

So this past weekend I bought the original single of "Blue Monday" by New Order for a dollar. It wasn't in great condition; it was obviously well-loved, and the BPM sticker on the sleeve (130) tells me it was owned by a DJ. However, this also means that the disc itself was taken care of, and it plays perfectly.

What a great dance track! Depite, its subsequent hipster overplay.

Also, the outer sleeve is die-cut to look like a 4 1/2 inch floppy disk! Like this!

The inner sleeve is silver, and pokes out as if it were the original "disk" in floppy disk. Your flash drive doesn't make a good album cover, that's for sure.

The video features lovely computerized graphics that also remind of the same technological epoch. Check it out! I especially like the pixly image of the space shuttle blasting off.

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betabug said...

I think you mean 5 1/4 inch floppy disk... having lived through '83 and all that :-)