Hooray for Us!

Wow, you sure can't keep up a blog working the construction the way you can while working an office job!

Just a quick stop in to keep whoever is reading this blog reading it.... and therein...


Thanks to our analytics website, sitemeter.com, I can tell you these facts about the first quadruple digit
digital visit
to our site:

Hit number 1,000 is from Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, where s/he surfs the Interdome on a Mac via the friendly folks at Verizon Internet Services!

S/he visited the site on August 14th, at 12:22pm EDT, and viewed five different pages, for a total time on the site of at least one minute!

S/he came across us after search Google for "share 'in a roman mood' 'human sexual response' ", and was led to our post, "Human Pentameter Response," in which we oh so pointedly analyzed the meter of a song by the little known but excellent post-punk band, Human Sexual Response.

Unfortunately, I didn't actually share the album I was discussing, so our 1,000th customer probably left our site to sunnier parts of the Interdome, in a more than a little disappointed state of mind, just like many others of you probably have!

So thanks for stopping by, face/nameless Pennsylvanian! Hopefully you will randomly hit upon us via a massive and relatively arbitrary search engine again!

And many more!

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