MD + WV = OH!

Baltimore was a blast. Veeger made it through ok, though she drinks coolant like I drank Nattie Bo. I got to see the venerable Deejay Gonzo rock the house, got to eat several fatty breakfasts, and got to chop wood and chill in a backyard.

Visiting Adam is always a trip, because it's a mix of hanging out with cool theory/academic minded people and people from the party/club/dj scene. It actually works very well together, in pretty good proportions.

I caught Gonzo at the Ottobar, at his weekly Wednesday night. That's him to the left on the 1s and 2s. He spun a lively collection of hip-hop, soul, funk, and dance remixes, and got the whole place dancing. Me too, after I'd enjoyed a few National Bohemian beers. And at the end of the night, my bar tab was a whopping $17. I'm so over New York City. Why would you choose to live in a city where a decent night will run you $60, when you can have just as much fun and spend 1/4 the money? So you can go to places that you read about in a magazine? Worthless. Nothing that hyped can ever live up. Life just isn't that fabulous.

I heard some material from Gonzo's upcoming mix as well, and its hot, so be on the look out for that. Right now the title is Dance Party for Dummies Vol. 2. I'll definitely post the link once he gets it recorded. If you missed my post with his link for Vol. 1, you can find it here.

After Baltimore, I headed west through Maryland and West Virginia, which although is still a tedious drive, is still much better than driving through Pennsylvania. In West Virginia I stopped at the Sideling Hill observation site. Check out the strata, yo! Tractor-trailer truck included for scale. The earth's skin is some tough stuff. Supposedly the light, curved patch right about where the semi cab is used to be a river, some millions of years ago. Amazing!

Long live plate tectonics!

Now I'm in Cincinnati, visiting Charlie, the author of the Liquid Crack Depository. He's sitting across from me at the internet cafe, editing a paper, purportedly about classics. Tomorrow is Chicago, where I'll be for a number of days.

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