Gotta Go To Work, Gotta Go To Work...

I think that I have an apartment. I only think so because they haven't finished my credit check yet. The whole process for finding housing is really ridiculous.

First: after trolling Craigslist for hours waiting for listings to pop up, I finally find one that seems reasonable.

Second: I call/email, and maybe get a response.

Third: I am invited to the open house, at which 30 other eager people are given "applications" to fill out.

Fourth: one lucky person is accepted, while the rest of us are go back to step one.

It's pretty shitty. Especially when I don't have a current income. Stupid me, thought that it would make sense to have a bed, closet, and shower before getting a job that I would be expected to go to every day. But if I don't make 3 times the rent per month, obviously I won't pay my rent, so I'm out of the lottery before they even pick.

But finally, I found a place that I was the first person to see, and convinced them that my parents wouldn't let me rip them off. And actually, it's not such a bad place. I even like it.

And now, I have to find a job. It is slightly harder to find a person to give me money, rather than take it from me on a monthly basis. But considering how hard it was to find an apartment, it might not be much worse.

Any ideas? I've been contacting temp agencies so far. Just something to hold down the rent (if not three times the rent) while I get the writing underway.

I hate filling out forms. When I see my life written out in formed lines, it seems pretty unimpressive.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam -- glad to read that you made it cross country safely. Nice pics of the cornfields. Best of luck with everything. How about bartending? You meet some cool people that way. Or put your skills to work and get a foot in the door:


Tom (NYC drunkard)

Adam Rothstein said...

Hi Tom, how are you?

I hear bartending is a great way to meet people. Unfortunately temping is probably more along my lines.

Thanks for the lead... I've been trolling all the colleges in the area and applied at a few- Reed, Lewis and Clark, Clark College. I'll check out PSU too, maybe there is an administrative assistantship in my future.