The Apocalypse of the Interdome

After three years and a couple of steps away from 400 posts, I've decided to retire Welcome to the Interdome.

I started this blog as an Internet clearhouse as I was leaving grad school, and it has tracked my motions from Iran commentary, to semiotics, from cartoon nostalgia to economic breakdown, from instant soups to atemporality. Over the years the content and color scheme has changed, but it has been basically what a blog is supposed to be: a updated journal of online and offline activity. With only the most generic of layout style, and too many links, and irrelevant tags.

It's been good times. I've met some good folks out there on the web via the links, and got some good blogging relationships going. I've enjoyed having a few dedicated readers who are interested enough in the post-structural anarchist perspective on consumer electronics to stick me in their RSS feed reader. Self-publishing is an important exercise, and I've really appreciated you all making it a rewarding one.

But every website is dated from the day its put online, and I think the time has come for ole Interdome. You start writing for the same provenience every time, and everything begins to feel a bit the same. You get into a comfortable place, and you get some familiar cheers and slogans, some typical topics and tropes, and after awhile you get the itch to get moving. You don't want to deviate off-topic, but on-topic seems off-topic from what's interesting. You start to think about format changes, new tools to make it better, but the idea of re-formatting what already exists seems insurmountable, and the idea of cramming what is new into what is there seems inexcusable.

I've also decided to close my self-publishing site, Brute Press, for the same reasons. I stopped putting work online because I was worried too much about what was right to put online, and ended up only putting old things online, and then being dissatisfied. The time span was stretched from the weekly time cycle of blogging, but it was about the same emotion. Putting my name to stuff that I didn't feel good having my name put to. Not that I didn't like the work, but I wasn't inspiring myself the way I was when I started.

And so, it's onward. Starting a new project now, called P.O.S.Z.U. There's a little bit of material recycled from the old sites to get it started, and new stuff I've been adding as I test it out. I guess you can consider it now open for beta testing. No sign up needed. Let me know what you think.

I would love to launch P.O.S.Z.U. with a grand manifesto (this being the age of grand manifestos and not grand narratives) but there really isn't one. Here are some tags I plan on using: Economics, Desire, Theory, Metaphysics, Technology, Semiotics, Politics, Sex, Product, Words, Symbols, Light, Sound, Motion, Time, Eschatology, Food, Epistemology, Art, Death drive, Nature, World. If you could imagine a graduate seminar in which half the people are watching unrelated videos, the other half are reading the Internet, and meanwhile these two groups are getting drunk and making out with each other, yeah well I guess that's the general idea, but I can't promise you'll get to second base or anything. The title is an acronym, and it really sums it up pretty well, but it's totally a secret, and not the kind that I put down somewhere obscure that you have to click through to find. I'll never tell.

Well, thanks again. See you around. I'll still be twittering as @interdome, just because that's not the sort of thing you really want to reset.


Julius Beezer said...

I've enjoyed having a few dedicated readers who are interested enough in the post-structural anarchist perspective on consumer electronics to stick me in their RSS feed reader.

Speaking as one of those, thanks for all the fish, and interesting pointers, and fine words.

I'll always be your fan for one reason. You wrote this:


From the Desk of His Holy Majesty Dr. Gen. Europe A. Obelisk:

I hereby degree, on this day, the Ninth of November, year of our Internet Two-Thousand-and-Eight:

Whereas, writers, publishers, poets, artists, musicians and everyday folk are habitually of the habit of thinking;

Whereas, thoughts are often thought, but not nearly as often committed to the Record;

Whereas, the Record, being of any media, is important towards a grand summation of Thought;

Whereas, Thought, upon being summed, necessarily gets us either further or closer to the perennial thought known colloquially as Truth;


Great stuff! Hope you'll keep that up, and that your best years are still in front of you. I'll try and keep in touch.

Best wishes


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