CPSC Micro-fiction #4

CPSC Notices 5/17/10

Mall of America Recalls Plush Toy Due to Choking Hazard - Young children can remove and ingest the squirrel's nose, which poses a choking hazard. No injuries reported.

Children's Deaths Prompt Recall of Toy Dart Gun Sets Sold Exclusively at Family Dollar Stores - If a child places the soft, pliable plastic toy dart in his/her mouth, the toy can be inhaled into the throat and prevent the child from breathing. CPSC and Family Dollar have received reports of two asphyxiation deaths involving a 9-year-old boy in Chicago, Ill. and a 10-year-old boy in Milwaukee, Wis.

Micro-fiction 5/17/10

"It's no crime," she said, first time she kissed me.
First time we stuck up that man on the avenue for cash, it was.
Don't matter where it starts, matters where it goes.
Where we were now, I don't know, but I'm not letting her hold me back from where I'm going.
"No more of that Dollar Store shit," I speak to her purple top, cinched tight in the middle how she wore it, always trying to change my mind. "I'm gonna knock off the Mall of America."
"I know," Susan looks at her bare feet. "And that's why I called the cops. You won't make it. They'll kill you."
I raise my Gordy Auto Fire 238, and pull back to cycle the first of eight bright red shells into the chamber.
She has a single tear running down the scar across her nose. "Sarah, I love you," she whispers.
"Love is a crime, " I say.

(The first actual injuries we've covered in this series, and two deaths to boot. Two deaths from a toy gun deserve some memorializing hard-boiled micro-fiction. Yes? No? What's appropriate? More toy guns?)

For information about this series, please see the introductory post.

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