Via Booktwo, (whose ideas about the future of publishing I find very compelling):

iPhone Book Concept from stml on Vimeo.

I like this idea much better than the standard ebook reader. This idea uses electronics to make standard books better, not just digital. Digital books have their own inherent value, of course, but this gives a volume a usable, physical depth, in addition to digitality.

Augmented reality is not just pasting a digital window over the world, regardless of what use the information might be that is coming through it. I can sit in front of the computer all day, and experience the digital world. I can take my computer out to my restaurant, coffeeshop, or library too. But this is mobile tech that changes the way I think about tech. Augmenting reality is about changing phenomenal perception mechanics, not just adding to the content. The abundance of cheap digital tech is only the first step. Implementing it is the second.

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