I'm Sorry, but the Professer was/is/will be Indisposed

I'm finding it most infuriating to even think about composing anything like a blog post of late. There are several reasons why this is so, not least of which the fact that I am attempting to finish a "most important" project, which is going rather well despite a few typical, technical issues not outside the nature of the craft, and so I am relishing the momentum, and not trying to hard to force any other projects until this monolith of an effort is better anchored.

But that aside, there are other, similarly technical obstacles involving blogging which are cropping up around me, which are not quite resolved. I'd love to share some of these dilemmas here, because they involve my usual cast of characters, including but not limited to:

-time and space

-the art and act of writing and authorship

-technology and the shift forms of semiotics

-Teh Internet (proper noun)

-My own personal anger with and within society

But the fact of the matter is this: my conclusions are leading me to believe that these points are all leading themselves in a different direction than my tendency here on Welcome to the Interdome; that is to say, I am not quite able to sum up my thoughts in the usual format of concise, (albeit somewhat wordy) witty aphorisms, taking us away from the so Internet-friendly-ish blog post, delivering us happily from Point A to Point B.

With as much narrative finality as I'm really willing to commit to at this time, let me ease the explanation with a little SF; I feel like the inventor of a time machine who, upon the successful test of his equipment, finds the only mistake is in the guidance system, and is now arriving through a series of wrong times, unable to get back to his starting point to report his success, therefore presenting the notion to all observers that his test has catastrophically failed.

But I'm not making a time machine here (or at least it would not seem like it to you), just writing a blog. So in your dimension, it may seem like I'm merely succumbing to the same Twitter fever as everyone else, being slowly absorbed by the lure of a quick service, requiring little to no forethought to maintain. I'm seeing many blogs gravitating towards a more "Tumblr"-esque form, no doubt as a result of this same disease. Though, perhaps this was what blog were originally intended to do, so perhaps I'm not one to judge.

At any rate (not just a figure of speech), Twitter seems atemporal enough for me to interact with currently, and perhaps this is the true root of the disease. So if you wish to find me, you could always try there. This is not an announcement of a hiatus of any kind--certainly not an abandonment of this blog for any length of time at all (or any perception of time, either) but, it may begin to change shape, as space alters in conjunction with time. See? You probably preferred the SF narrative. Well, so do most of us.

Anyway, be wary: things are always changing. I'll let you know when our time-traveler finally files a report. Until then, beware of those who come to you without an actual pen in hand....

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