Election Night Special



Well, yes, still anarcho-syndicalist over here, but thank goodness America didn't just elect a 72-year old bomber pilot and a ninny to the (should be abolished) executive office.

And, I must admit, watching the acceptance speech I did feel a little touch of warmth. It radiated out from the electron-tube and activated the idealism-coils deep within my psyche, and for half a second you might have seen a bit of electro-patriotic glow emit from my cold, dead soul.

Mostly though I attribute that good old nostalgia, remembering back to when I was younger than fifteen, and I still believed that elections, presidents, political platforms, and messages really meant anything more than the old recycled tropes from which they were spun.

I'm glad that people are happy. I hope they remember how happy they are and take a good hard look at that in four years when thinks are mostly the same.

Good to have a black man in the white house though. I voted for McKinney (not that voting has an effect, but I wanted to be one of the thousand-some in Multnomah county that voted for her). Next stop, Green in the White House!

I really would like to see how far this all goes. (Operation Code Name: See if Hope Floats.) The one thing that I can say is that finally the Democrats organized themselves correctly. Can they organize the government correctly? Restructure a sabotaged and broken bureaucracy? Nationalize, and more to the point, democratize or open-source the economy? Appoint Eric Schmidt "Master Technomancer of North America"? We'll see. It's going to take more than just Obama; he also has to dispose all the lackluster Democrats that rode into office on his coat-tails. There's a reason I abhore idealism; eve if there is no monster underneath, there is often a great, big, sad nothing.

We'll see... we'll see....

the picture is nanotubes programmed to assemble in the pattern of the president-elect's visage using nanolithography.

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