Let's Build a Giant Airship!

Remember the cuddliest cyborg of the 80s?

No, not the Nexus-6!

I'm talking about the bear with a soul of standard audio tape, the creature containing enough C-battery voltage to stun a 6-year old, the often replicated, often duplicated, Teddy Ruxpin!

Note the way the children nod their heads in commanded unison.

The bear works by only having audio on one of the stereo tracks of the cassette; the other contains its evil, mouth-moving hypnosis commands in the form of buzzing pulses.

The cartoon works via a heroic dose of psilocybin injected directly into the bloodstream.

Did you manage to see the LARGE CRUCIFIX on the rear of the airship?

They made a full 65 episodes of this! And then, as I'm sure you remember, half the population of bears became self-aware and fought the other half for control of all the crystals in Grundo.

Well, actually, all the companies that ever sold it (like 4 in all) went out of business, despite the toy's popularity.

I'd really like to get a hold of one of these for use as a boom box. They don't seem too expensive (they did make a lot of them), but I really hate eBay. The modern remakes use a chip rather than cassette tape.


Teddy Ruxpin's Airship Child-Safe Internet Surfing Portal!

ps. Happy 100th Post to me!


Broshaq said...

Gosh but doesn't it sound as if the Teddy Ruxpin theme song contains an invitation to "come drink with me tonight"?

betabug said...

What a coincicende, I happened to look up Roy Batty's dying speech last week. It always sounds to me as if the last line (spoken while the android is "off") has been added afterwards.

Weird bear that!

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